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Monitor your Driver's Performance  


New digital tachograph DTCO 2.0KTCO 1318 (EC)
Analogue EC tachograph can be installed in cockpits with 140 mm diameter.

This modular tachograph complies with EU directive 3821/85. Also available in a non-EU version (according to § 57a of the German StVZO, and for overseas markets).


Registration on diagram charts, data includes speed and distance traveled, driving time, work time and breaks, as well as RPM registration (optional)
Speed and RPM (optional) is displayed in analogue form
Automatic recording of driving time
Optical data interface for data transmission
Different front panels (round, rectangular)
Back lighting with luminescent pointers


Digital tachograph VDO DTCO 1381 Rel. 1.4: the best digital control deviceMTCO 1324

This modular tachograph system complies with EU directive 3821/85.

The MTCO 1324 modular EC tachograph sets standards in performance, technology and design thanks to its separate display and recordingelements.Speed and distance travelled, as well as driver-relateddata such as driving, working and rest times, are recorded on conventional, tamperproof paper charts.


Automatic warnings
Multifunctional LCD display with 2 x 16 characters
Recording unit for ISO 7736 radio-sized slot
Battery-buffered real-time clock with automaticchangeover to summertime
Automatic positioning of recording chart to match the time of day




DLK Pro Downloadkey, DLK Pro Inspectionkey, DLK Pro TIS-Compact, DLK Pro TIS Compact (EE)VDO KIENZLE 1311 and 1314

Compact design combined with microprocessor-controlled processing of measured values and analog recording are the main characteristics of the analogue tachograph 1311 / 1314.

Optimally used, it provides valuabledata for both driver and fleet as a part of an integrated information system.

Optimized for scheduling, improved profitability and reduced operating costs are only a few examples of its efficiency.






DLK Pro Download KeyVDO KIENZLE 1319

The vdo kienzle 1319 sets new standards in respect of performance, technology and design by using separate indication and recording.

Speed indication is by means of the electonicspeedometer or using an approved display functionalready integrated into the instrument cluster.








DLK Pro Inspection KeyVDO Tachograph Chart

Our VDO tachograph chart is an advanced storage medium, precisely manufactured to DIN ISO 9001.

Our VDO tachograph chart is an advanced storage medium, precisely manufactured to DIN ISO 9001. Three simple methods of chart analysis can be used: optical, electronic and microscopic.


Tachograph charts: records data of speed and distance traveled, as well as driver’s work and rest times (up to 2MB)
Electronic analysis: evaluation of driver’s charts using our KISCAN analysis software
Optical analysis: provides complete overview of all important data (i.e., speed, time groups, distance traveled).
Microscopic analysis: provides objective analysis of data, permissible in court.

We also supply Tachograph Charts & All Accessories, we have qualified technicians who can fit & calibrate Tachographs. 


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