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Face recognition is not so much about face recognition at all - it is much more about face detection! It is my (and many others') strong belief, that the prior step to face recognition, the accurate detection of human faces in arbitrary scenes, is the most important process involved.

When faces could be located exactly in any scene, the recognition step afterwards would not be so complicated. That is why this page tries to gather all available information and material about the task of detecting faces!

Facial Multi-Biometric Identification Terminal (VF300)

  Facial Multi-Biometric Identification Terminal

VF300 is a new generation facial identification terminal, with Face, RFID and PIN Recognition mode. With latest facial algorithm Face 7.0 and large capacity ZEM810 platform.

it holds 200 face templates without dividing groups, and its verification time is less than 1 Second. All setting operations are easily done on 3.0 inches TFT touch screen.

The elegant and small size design can fit with your slap-up office. Have Face identification system, your life will become more secure and convenient.





Multibio 700 is a new generation multiple biometric identification product, standard integrating with face, fingerprint, PIN recognition and optional with RFID mode. Facial Identification algorithm captures the relative position, size, and shape of user's, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features. These feature templates are used to be matching feature data, when users verify on device.

It distills captured features into value and compares with templates to eliminate variance the reader isrepresenting of 100% hygienic and non-contact method for identifying persons.

  multibio 700



VF680 is a face identification time & attendance and access control terminal, which can connect with 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button etc. With the latest face identification algorithm and streamlined technology, it can hold 400 face templates without dividing into groups.

 Communicating via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB (host and client), it ensures a smooth connection and data transfer. Amazing verification speed and intuitive operation process make it popular. Elaborately designed and finely processed, it matches your slap-up office perfectly.




Sagem Fingerprint Reader - MorphoAccess is a physical access control terminal based on fingerprints enabling identification (1 among N) and multiple authentication (identity confirmation).

It can operate alone or networked and provides a "Plug and Play" solution adapted to existing access control systems. Contactless card readers may be available depending on the model. There is a version for indoors installations and another version (Outdoor MorphoAccess) for outdoors installations.


F707 Fingerprint Reader


F707 Biometric Solution - Fingerprint time recording and has a direct effect on your companies profitability. It is not unusual to pay staff for being at work when they are absent, or worse, when you are paying overtime for staff that has already gone home.This is costly as your products are NOT being manufactured and distributed.

This expense is being booked to the product which may increase its selling price.


HandKey 2 Reader

  iFace 302 Facial Reader

The HandKey II’s design provides the ultimate in system reliability. Each HandKey II is a complete door controller providing door lock operation, request for exit, and alarm monitoring.

All information, including biometric data and decision-making capability resides locally. This ensures your doors are secure and will continue to operate properly even if all communications to the main access control computer are lost.



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