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Face recognition is not so much about face recognition at all - it is much more about face detection! It is my (and many others') strong belief, that the prior step to face recognition, the accurate detection of human faces in arbitrary scenes, is the most important process involved.

When faces could be located exactly in any scene, the recognition step afterwards would not be so complicated. That is why this page tries to gather all available information and material about the task of detecting faces!

Facial Multi-Biometric Identification Terminal (VF300)

  Facial Multi-Biometric Identification Terminal

A person's hand/palm and finger are unique however not as unique as their fingerprints or irises, for this reason, businesses and schools like to use hand scanner and finger reader biometrics technology, to authenticate but not identify its users.

Hand scanner and finger reader recognition systems measure and analyze the overall structure, shape and proportions of the hand, e.g. length, width and thickness of hand, fingers and joints; characteristics of the skin surface such as creases and ridges.

The hand and finger scanner/reader devices still maintain accuracy even when hands are dirty, which are good in construction areas; and also have the ability to work under extreme temperatures ranging from negative 30 to 150 degrees F.



  HandKey II Door control and monitoring

The HandKey II’s design provides the ultimate in system reliability. Each HandKey II is a complete door controller providing door lock operation, request for exit, and alarm monitoring.

All information, including biometric data and decision-making capability resides locally. This ensures your doors are secure and will continue to operate properly even if all communications to the main access control computer are lost.  


HandKey 2 Reader



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