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Couplings are flexible in rotation and permit integral transmission of torque. They absorb shock.

Two congruent couplings halves, internally equipped with concave dogs are off-set in a peripheral direction by half a graduation and are designed in a such a way that an involute gear ring can be inserted in the space between them. The individual teeth of this gear ring are crown-profiled so as to avoid edge pressure in case of misalignment of the shafts.

This type of coupling, apart from having complete axial, radial, and angular play, also reduces irregularities in the transmission of torque.

The gear ring is made of an extraordinarily longwearing, oil and ozone resisting and non-ageing material, characterised by its hydrolysis proof property (tropical conditions) giving high internal damping which protects the drive from excessive dynamic stress.

An operating temperature of -40 deg C to +100 deg C ensures smooth operation. Transient temperatures up to +120 deg C cannot damage the coupling.


Flexible helical couplings

Flexible helical couplings in S50HAWM (metric) and S50HAA- (inch) Series have one-piece Anodized Aluminum construction with set screw type or integral clamp split-hub type designs for fastening to both shafts.

Able to adapt to high- and low-speed applications, fatigue-resistant products fit shafts diameters from 3-12 mm and 3/32-1 ½ in. Angular misalignment compensation is 5°, with max parallel offset range of ±.010 in. and axial motion range of ±.010 in.


Torsionally flexible couplings

Torsional vibration isolation are stocked in two hub styles, conventional pin type hubs which use a set screw for fastening and a Fairloc® version. Fairloc® is a patented integral hub fastener which eliminates marred shafts.

The choice of Fairloc® hubs permits frequent phase adjustment, timing and position adjustment while adding positive metal-to-metal fastening strength along both hub sections. The Fairloc® integral hub fastener consists of two slots that are machined into the hub, one radially the other angularly, to create a transverse wedge which remains attached to the solid portion of the hub on one side.


Flexible coupling: curved-tooth gear coupling Nylon Sleeve The nylon sleeve gear couplings,

Nyflex and Mite, are compact.
The nylon sleeve gear couplings, Nyflex and Mite, are compact, lightweight couplings that use a nylon sleeve and two sintered iron hubs. Lubrication is not required with the nylon sleeve. With speeds up to 5,000 RPM, the nylon sleeve gear couplings are effectively used in applications such as motor/ generator sets, motor/pump sets, and many other light duty industrial settings.


Jurid Flexible Coupling Element

* Flexible couplings serve the elastic torque transmission in vehicles and stationary plants.

* Like cardan joints, they link two shafts and transmitt the torque, reducing vibrations and shocks.

* They absorb rotational, angular, radial and axial shock loads, They reduce torque peaks and prevent noise conduction.

* The couplings transmit torques through special technical cords which are embedded in elastomer by vulcanization.

* By the great number of their advantages they increase the lifetime and smooth operation of vehicles and plants withought requiring any kind of maintenance whatsoever.


Juboflex Flexible coupling elements

Juboflex / Giubo-coupling is a highly elastic, universal shaft coupling with 4 degrees of freedom.
The present design in the form of a polygon consisting of individual segments vilcanised to metal inserts, provides a transmission element of particularly high working capacity with a minimum volume of rubber.

The important advantages, for a variety of applications, resulting from this design are:

- elastic transmission of torque from the driving to the driven shaft.

- Synchronization between the driving and the driven shaft (homokinetic joint)


Tyre Couplings With Taper Locks

Tyre Coupling is also known as a torsion ally elastic coupling providing versatility to the designer and engineers as demanded by the applications. These Tyre Couplings are appreciated by the clients for high elasticity, backlash free, shock absorbent and dampen vibrations, etc.


Flexible Pin-type Coupling


- Universally applicable pin coupling for the compensation of shaft misalignments
- Maximum operational reliability, as with fail-safe device
- Suitable for plug-in assembly and simplified assembly of the type consisting of three parts
- Dynamically adaptable owing to elements with different elasticity


Torsionally Elastic Coupling

The torsionally elastic Multi Mont Sella coupling will compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft displacement occuring as a result of inaccurate assembly, settlement of foundations or thermal expansion of the drive components.

The SELLA coupling is a claw-coupling design, employing flexible rubber blocks giving a positive engagement in compression. The rubber elements are supplied as standard in natural rubber suitable for ambient temperatures of minus 40 deg C to plus 80 deg C. Where required however, other grades of rubber can be supplied.


Grid / Record Coupling


* Has few components hubs, Grid, Cover, Seal & Fasteners.
* Hubs are made from high fatigue strength steel, so that tooth fatigue failures are eliminated. Hubs are accurately machined to permit utilization of any hub surface for measurement of shaft alignment.
*Grid is made from high strength spring steel and duly heat treated to get high hardness. So that the stresses developed in the grid by transmitted load are well below the design value. Both straight & taper grids are available.
* Covers are made Graded Cast Iron/ Aluminum covers which permit higher running speeds.
* Seal is made of synthetic material to withstand oil and dusty atmosphere.


Hydrodynamic fluid couplings

We offer Fluid Couplings to be used in various industries on heavy load. This is a mechanical soft starter which starts induction motor with low starting current and suitable for smooth starting of heavy inertia load.

These are available in different models to suit different applications.

hydrodynamic fluid couplings operating according to the Föttinger principle. The coupling parts on the input and output side are not mechanically connected and thus not subject to wear.

Torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling accelerated by the radial blades.


All Metallic Coupling

All-steel coupling, ARC-8/10 series maintenance-free all-steel coupling for use at high torques and high speeds with a permissible angular misalignment of up to 0.3o.

Advantages :
- Positive torque transmission by means of patented conical bolt connection. therefore high torques can be transmitted by couplings with a relatively small diameter.
- Compensation of shaft misalignments in angular, radial and axial direction.
- Torsionally rigid and without backlash.
- Maintenance-free and wear-resistant; no lubrication required.
- Independent of direction of rotation.
- Easy handling and assembly.
-  Low vibration.
- Temperature-resistant.


KSD Torsion Resistant Couplings

The totally corrugated bellows allows relatively high axial, lateral and angular misalignments.

These flexible couplings without backlash were specifically designed and developed for high precision, servo- or positioning drives.

Due to their unique design they are not limited to these applications alone and can be used for much higher power requirements


Right Angle Gear Drives / Zero-Max Crown gear drives

Motion system designers looking for a smooth operating, quiet right angle gear drive will find Zero-Max “Crown” gear drives the ideal choice. They feature heat treated AGMA Class 10 spiral bevel gears and non-magnetic stainless steel shafts providing long term, maintenance free operation.

Zero-Max Crown gear drives feature long-life, precision hardened and ground ball bearings handling speeds up to 2000 rpm in most operating environments. The internal gears are permanently mounted to the shafts with locking pins. This provides a very resilient and durable connection for use in heavy load applications while requiring no maintenance.


Bidirectional Type BD torque limiters

Bidirectional Type BD torque limiters protect rotating machines and components from damage in case of jam/overload. Adjustable overload settings cause unit to disengage mechanically when overload occurs and trip a limit switch or signaling device.

BDR units have automatic random reset, while BDS units offer automatic single position reset and use rollers instead of balls. Random reset or single position units are available in sizes from 44-35,000 lb-in.


Precision Universal Joints

Single, double precision universal joint coupling, the maximum angle 45 °; with plain bearings, 1000 rpm maximum speed, maximum speed with a needle bearing 4000 rpm.

* Suitable for every application in general engineering up to a maximum speed of 1000 1/min.

* Type G precision single joint.

* Type GD precision double joint.

* Maximum articulation angle 45 Deg for each joint.

* Bearings designed as plain bearings - maintenance-free.

* Available with finish bore H7, on request with feather key, hexagon bore or square bore.


Hydraulic systems, components and spares

Hydraulic system has everything you need to keep your hydraulic systems flowing smoothly. From complete systems to individual components. We can offer a broad range of well known branded parts.

Whatever your requirements, we will find a perfect and competitively priced solution.

If required, for instance when parts are obsolete, we can also create custom pieces in our workshops to your own specifications.


Air Springs and Air Actuators(Industrial Applications)

The Air spring is used mainly as the principal means of cushioning in road and rail vehicle suspensions.

In bus construction, for example, the air spring has become fully accepted as a load-adjustable spring element which is suitable for today's light weight designs and satisfied demands for a high standards of riding comfort.

In heavy goods vehicles, the air spring can rise and fall as an auxiliary function of the construction of the vehicle , saving time and facilitating the load and unloading of the load platform or the transportation of pallets and containers.

The air spring also performs an important role in mechanical engineering. Spring bellows are used, for example, for supporting vibrating or oscillating machines, for biasing the rolls of texttile machinery and for raising and tilting devices in production cycles.>


Rectangular Power Transmission

With 1 set knives of 7 mm width. Massive chromated all-steel construction. A good power transmission allows to notch rules up to 4 points thickness.

The lever position can be changed by means of a special tooth system. The small base of he bottom knife makes it possible to notch rules already bent.



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