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rev counter, auto meter

rdp 1201 Rev Counters

The Auto Meter 25/8-inch, 8,000-rpm tach is the smallest diameter gauge of the bunch. The wiring harness is hard-wred to the gauge and comes with a strap mount

rev counters

Hrdp 1201 Rev Counters

The Auto Gauge by Auto Meter is an 8,000-rpm, 33/4-inch tach with a manually adjustable redline pointer and a hard wired wiring harness


Hrdp 1201 Rev Counters

Proform's 11,000-rpm, 5-inch tach had the largest face in our test, a memory recall function, and touch-pad controls. The wiring harness is hard-wired into the rear of the tach body. It's also the thinnest tach we tested, which means more clearence in tight mounting locations, such as A-pillar.


Hrdp 1201 Rev Counters

The iEquus Performance tachometer can be hard wired to the car. The rpm signal can also be found with the supplied inductive pickup clamped onto a spark-plug wire. The backlit display color can be changed via a small rubber LED boots. A plug-in wiring harness is also included


Hrdp 1201 Rev Counters

Summit Racing's 8,000-rpm tach is a 33/8-inch diameter unit with a dial-adjustable shift light and a manually adjustable peak rpm pointer on the face. The wiring harness is hard-wired to the tach.


Hrdp 1201 Rev Counters

The Sunpro Super Tach II is a 33/8-inch, 8,000-rpm, pedestal-mount tachometer with a hard-wired wiring harness and a manually adjustable redline pointer.


Hrdp 1201 Rev Counters

The VDO Series 1 is a 33/8-inch, 7,000-rpm pedestal- or back-mount tachometer with a plug-in wiring harness for easy installation and removal, and an adjustable orange peak rpm pointer.



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